So you know this cute girl at school or work and you see her almost every day, but you just can’t grow the balls to go up and talk to her. After you read this article you’ll be able to talk to any girl you want. 

How To Talk To A Girl You Like

So stop and think for a second. What makes women happy? What do they want? Put yourself in their shoes. Well if I was a girl at school or work and I had lots to do, or maybe I’m bored out of my mind and someone was to come talk to me, I would want them to make my day.

How do you make a girls day?

You tell her a great story. Now you might not be the funniest man, and you might not have that many good stories. Hell you might just be the most socially awkward dude in the world.

Here’s the trick.

Pretend in your head that she is your best friend. Your BEST friend. The friend that you completely trust and you don’t care what they think because you know they wont judge you. The friend you want to tell how you totally owned yourself the other day. The friend you tease and laugh with. The friend you have FUN with. 

If you believe she is your best friend, going up and initiating a conversation with her really isn’t so hard is it? Now visualize what you would say to your best friend.

Here’s some examples:

“Hey _____, you’re not going to believe what just happened to me. I was pouring myself a cup of joe in the break room and totally zoned out and BAM, coffee all over my crotch. I don’t think Ill ever be able to pour coffee in confidence again. Ever burned yourself with coffee before?”

“Hey ____, did you see that movie ____, isn’t Jacob a total weirdo? I thought for sure he was going to die. Like common, he eats a pizza every single day, how can you not die?! Are you a pizza fan?”

The last thing this girl wants in life is another random guy:

1. Hitting on her at school or work.

2. Asking her typical boring questions or comments like “how’s your day going?” “so where are you from?” “how long have you worked here?” “what are you having for lunch?” “god work sucks” “nice shirt” “I’m a total loser!” 

3. Meeting another boring dude who’s probably going to initiate small talk with her all the time at school/work now.

If you want to get to know this girl and you want her to like you, you have to open up to her. The goal is to make her feel comfortable and trust you by sharing yourself as a person. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The more real you are the better.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s what you want to do. Be yourself completely. Be proud of your uniqueness. Use your “weak points” to your advantage. Make fun of yourself.

But remember everyone wants what they cant get.

Don’t compliment her. Don’t treat her like someone you’re interested in. Don’t flirt with her until you’re on good friendly terms. Make her chase you. 

And most importantly always stand tall, speak loud and clear, take your time, smile, and make eye contact.

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