Want to make your life better? Want to almost magically attract money, love, and success into your life? These 20 epic thoughts will put you well on your way to a more happy, healthy, and positive life.

**Disclaimer: Its true, this is some hippie-dippie stuff. But frankly, it works. Jump on the spiritual train broskie, it will change your life.**

How To Make Your Life Better: 20 Thoughts Worth Reading

  1. Treat the world as you want to be treated. Whatever you give out is exactly what you will get back. Think positive, be kind and generous, and love unconditionally and that’s exactly what you will receive back. Be the epic you wish to see in the world. #lawofattraction #thegoldenrule
  2. Start choosing your own reality. Most of our reality is simply what we choose to think and believe. So believe your life is awesome. Believe you can achieve your dreams. Believe the world loves you. Creating positive affirmations about yourself will instantly make your life better. [Read our article: “How To Be Instantly More Confident and Content“]
  3. The universe is abundant. All the opportunities you seek will be provided to you, but it’s up to you to be aware enough to take action and act upon them. Believe that you have good timing and when an opportunity arises, listen to your gut. #justsayyes
  4. Stay positive. Don’t be negative – you’ll make others (and yourself) feel low. Talk about the awesomeness of life – it’ll make everyone feel high. There is always a healthy and positive approach to talking about the hardships and frustrations in your life. Negative perceptions, judgments, and thoughts are anti-life and will not make your life better – but worse. Don’t make harmful thoughts a part of your sense of self.
  5. The world loves you. The truth is; no one is actually trying to hurt you. Always assume the best of intentions. Take everything with a grain of salt. If you think they were actually trying to hurt you, give them your compassion for they are hurting themselves and need your love. Surround yourself with positive, loving, and supportive friends. [Read our article: “How To Make New Friends.”
  6. Always, always, always believe you are the bomb. You. Are. The. Bomb. Nobody is going to mess with your flow. This is your body, your mind, and your life. Take the reins of your thoughts and feelings. Starting your day by saying epic self affirmations such as: “I am confident, strong, intelligent, and epic,” will instantly make your life better.
  7. Be the bearer of good energy. Be the one that makes your friends and family feel happy and alive. Be positive. Be loving. Be supportive. Be humorous. Be epic! #positivitywins
  8. Sheep or wolf? Ask yourself this: Are you a sheep in the herd, or are you a free wolf? Then decide: Am I going to truly try, or am I going to slowly die? *Hint: Slowly dying sucks! Follow your dreams!*
  9. It’s now or never. The only way to become epic in the future is to be epic now. Try. Fail. Learn. Grow. Start being the man you always wanted to be, right now. #presentmomentawareness
  10. Everyone has incredible potential. The hard part is believing you, yes you, do. Take a moment to realize what you are truly capable of. Writing out a list of your skill set, experience, and knowledge could help you realize your full potential. If you want to make your life better you first have to realize how special you are. [Read our article: “How To Be Awesome: 30 Tips That Will Change Your Life.“]
  11. Stop making excuses. Start acting on some of your short and long term goals. Life is short. Find what you love, set a goal, and just do it. Start taking real chances! Why not? How do you know it won’t work out unless you try? #justdoit
  12. Live like a tree. Don’t stop growing. Don’t stop living. Don’t let gravity (other people’s thoughts or opinions) get you down. Accept that sometimes your leaves will fall, you can always grow new ones. #thepastisgone
  13. Think for yourself. Caring what people think of you will only hold you back from letting them love and respect you for who you really are. Be real, be you. People respect honesty.
  14. Thoughts become things. Think about what you want to happen and who you want to be, and it will become your reality. Grasping this power is key in learning how to make your life better. #lawofattraction
  15. Keep your head up. Stay positive when things go downhill, or you might just miss the turn for up. Even so, every low makes the high. Try to enjoy both the ups and downs of your life’s roller coaster.
  16. Find your confidence. Confidence is a combination of beliefs and habits. Accept what you can’t change, change what you don’t like, then love and believe in yourself. Most of it is all in your head. [Read our article: “How To Look Like A Boss.”]
  17. Be strong. Work hard. Life is full of ups and downs. The ones that make it to the top don’t ever stop. Keep your center at all times. Don’t let the world and all its troubles shake you. #gladiator
  18. Visualize. Visualize success. Visualize confidence. Visualize your goals. Visualize your changes. Visualize it and it will happen. #lawofattraction
  19. Time is of the essence. There’s no tomorrow for your dreams. Act now. Make them happen! Don’t follow the herd, make your own herd! #startsomethingnew #dreamfollower
  20. Today could be it. Today could be the day you meet your future wife, find a new job, meet a new friend, or it could be the last day of your life! Who knows? Every day act upon opportunities, live, love, laugh and make this potential last day of yours off-the-hook epic! #livefortoday

Make these 20 epic thoughts a part of your daily life and it will surely make your life better, improve your friendships, and attract everything you want in life.

If you want to learn more about the power of your mind and how you can manifest anything you want – [watch this video].

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