Find it hard to make new friends? Can’t connect with the people you meet? Don’t get invited to parties or a hangout? In this article you’ll discover how to instantly connect and be friends with anyone.

How To Make New Friends

You know those guys that just know everyone? People yell their name when they enter the room. The ones that are always invited to the party, and well, are the life of the party?

The one thing that that guy does that you don’t do, is he treats everyone like his best friend. And that doesn’t mean he goes around being nice to everyone. It means that he talks to and treats everyone like his BEST friend, right away.

What does that mean? 

It means he won’t think “I don’t know this person” in his mind like everyone else. He thinks “this is my best friend” to everyone he talks to, right off the bat. He’s interested in that persons life, he jokes and teases them, he opens up to them, he’ll try to help them as much as possible, he’ll put in a good word with the ladies for them, he’ll live by the bro code with them, he’ll keep a secret and his word for them, he’ll truly listen to them, and he’ll simply just talk to them like he would his very best friend. 

So how can you become this guy? 

Instead of doing the boring “so where are you from, where do you work, what do you do, who do you know” and everything else that people are sick of answering, try telling them something that happened to you that day or week. Tell them a funny story. Pretend they are your best friend. What would you tell your best friend? By sharing random, interesting or funny stories, you will likely find common ground pretty fast. Whether it be a sport, place, person, thing, or activity. 


  • “Hey you see that girl over there? Her friends trying to hook us up. But then you see that dude right there? He’s been eyeing her all night.. I know he’s gonna mess it up!  What kinda girl are you into? Lets go find you one!”
  • “Did you see Guardians Of The Galaxy? Yeah? That movies hilarious. Remember that part when… If I was that dude I would…. haha you would? Really? That’s awesome. Hey lets go get a drink.”
  • “Man yesterday at the gym I was doing sit ups, and right when this babe walked past me I let out this huge fart. It was hilarious!”
  • “Seriously who invented yoga pants… I want to find that guy and give him an award. I mean.. brilliant! Just brilliant! You ever dated a yogi before?”

Another important thing to remember is to always be positive.

Talk about funny, incredible, exciting things. When you talk about something negative, people feel those negative emotions associated with it and then they will associate that negativity with you. The opposite is true for the good feelings positive or funny stories make them feel. This is especially true when you first meet someone. Make your first impression funny, outgoing, a good time.

You can skip weeks, months, even years of that awkward “were not friends yet” phase when your first starting to hang out with someone.

Whether it be a guy or a girl its both the same. Simply right after you meet them, think of them and treat them like you would your very best friend and watch your social life change forever.

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