Want to learn how to be awesome? Yes? Good! Practice these 30 life tips and you’ll be well on your way to becoming quite the awesome human being. Ready? Let’s jump right into it.

How To Be Awesome: 30 Tips That Will Change Your Life

  1. Get up on the right foot. Start your day with sunshine, a glass of water, deep breathing, and a light warm up/stretch. You’ll skip that ever-so-fun groggy wake up stage.
  2. Be an energy bearer. Everyone wants excitement and fun in their life. The truth is we are, and will always be, kids at heart. Be the one that provides that energy. Be a kid. Be a goof.
  3. Bring the party to the party. Bring energy and enthusiasm when you go out. Meet everyone! Then get your new friends to join in fun and games. Tell awesome stories and urge others to share. #lifeoftheparty
  4. It’s true, she likes you. If a woman smiles at you, you’ve got the green light to approach her and introduce yourself. Just say “Hey, how are you? You look familiar.” Read our article [“How To Talk To A Girl You Like.”]
  5. Listen. Always acknowledge every part of what people say to you. It shows you are actually listening and that you genuinely care. #epiclistening
  6. Keep it to one convo at a time. If you’re with someone and you get an important call, excuse yourself and then talk to that person for as little time as possible. This goes the same with texting.
  7. Remind the ones you love that they matter to you. Every once in a while do something epic for your friends and family. Whenever you give, give unconditionally (without expectation –simply because you want to make them feel good).
  8. Treat your body with respect. It’s your vessel for life. Eat well, sleep well, drink water, and exercise. You will literally feel like Superman – just don’t try flying off your roof.
  9. Walk with purpose. Practice walking with strength, posture, and purpose. Imagine there’s a string pulling the back of your head up. Before you know it your natural walk will feel and look epic.
  10. Speak with intention. Think before you speak and articulate you words. Remember this: speak loud, proud, clear, no fear.
  11. Befriend the world. Treat everyone like you would your best friend, and everyone will treat you like their best friend back. It’s really that simple. [Read our article “How To Make New Friends.”]
  12. Say thanks. Every night hold something special to you and say thanks for everything you love in your life. The power of gratitude is healing, humbling, and something you must implement into your life to truly learn how to be awesome.
  13. Always give a firm handshake. It shows strength, confidence, and respect. Don’t forget to look them in the eyes and stand to shake their hand.
  14. Introduce your friends. When you introduce friends, give each person more than a name to work with. “This is Carl, he’s an engineer, and he loves rock climbing.”
  15. Support your bros. Start their epic stories and achievements for the group, and urge them to tell/finish it. This is what best friends do. Learning how to be awesome goes hand in hand with learning how to be awesome to your friends.
  16. Slow down. Don’t make your present just a means to an end. Take a look around. Enjoy your life now. Right now. Otherwise when will you?
  17. Be open. Be real. People respect honesty and truth over fear of judgment or acting like someone you’re not. Be proud of your unique and wacky hobbies and interests.
  18. Always contribute to the conversation. Otherwise you’ll be left behind in that memory. Make yourself a legendary part of everyone’s history. And be the one that keeps everyone included in the conversation.
  19. Talk to the world. You’d be surprised what comes out of a simple “hello.” A new friend, a job, an epic conversation, or even a date. Interact with the world –its friendlier than you think.
  20. Everyday be your best self. Look your best, dress your best, and act your best. You never know what each day will bring your way. A girlfriend? A job? An offer to be the lead role in the new Batman movie? [Read our article “How To Look Like A Boss.”]
  21. Keep your chin up. Make it a habit to bite the top of every doorway you walk through –this way every time you enter a room you’ll stand tall and confident.
  22. Smile at everyone. It makes you think happy thoughts, it’s more attractive, and it’s the perfect “hello” for that pretty lady. Make your neutral facial expression calm, confident, and happy. Most people’s expression screams unhappiness. How sad! Show the world how to be awesome by smiling at everyone.
  23. Before you answer, take a breath. Articulate your thoughts carefully and talk clearly. Talking slowly (not too slow) and precisely shouts confidence. What’s the rush? You’ll seem instantly more intelligent.
  24. Make goals. Goals are key to progress and success. The secret on how to be awesome? Make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Otherwise you’ll procrastinate your life away. Before you go to bed write out your schedule for the next day.
  25. Make a timeline bucket list. You’ll think of and voice what you want to do before you die, and it’ll make it happen. Make a monthly, half year, and yearly bucket list.
  26. Lead by example. Teach your tribe how to be awesome with your actions not your words. “Actions speak louder than words,” so speak loud and actively do what you preach.
  27. Be positive. When you speak take note if your tone is positive or negative. That is the feeling you’re giving the listeners. Speak positive. Talking negatively drains you and the listener. Don’t be that pessimistic dissatisfied guy. Be that optimistic happy guy. The world will love you for the way you make them feel. [Read our article “How To Instantly Be More Confident and Content.“]
  28. Be different. Just because others are boring doesn’t mean you have to be. Be outgoing, spontaneous, and fun! Bring up the epic energy to your group of friends.
  29. Life is short. Life is too fricken short to be too fricken normal. Be different. Be outgoing. Be a legend. Be so awesome that world is almost forced to tell stories about you.
  30. Be epic. Stand tall. Walk strong. Smile. Take your time. Be on time. Be clean. Be real. Speak your mind. Take chances. Make goals. Have discipline. Be awesome.

Make these 30 epic life tips a part of your daily life and not only will you learn how to be awesome, you’ll teach the world how to be awesome by example. Rock on.

If you want to learn more about the power of your mind and how you can have anything you want – [watch this video].

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