Want to turn heads? Want to be comfortable and confident ever day of your life? Well then you’re in luck because your life is about to be turned around in 5 simple steps.

How To Look Like A Boss

In the below steps we get straight to the point. If you have memory problems, like most of us borderline alcoholics, grab a pen or print this sheet out and read it everyday for a week.

1. Be clean.

Take frequent showers, use shower gel or soap, wash your hair every 3rd shower at the minimum, and buy a scrub brush to really scrub away stink. Cut your nails regularly and get a nail brush to scrub under them. Get a haircut every 2 weeks. Shave everyday, or at the least keep your beard in order. Brush twice a day, and floss your teeth as much as possible. Use a teeth whitening kit every 3-4 months. Use a face wash/acne cream. If you are really pale in the winter, you could use a daily tinted face moisturizer. Always use deodorant, and if you use cologne use it sparingly, just one or two sprays after your shower. Don’t be one of those guys who you can smell two blocks away! Or better yet try dabbing a fabric softener sheet on your clothes for a fresh clean scent (yes it works). If you’re trying to attract women, think about how much they care about cleanliness. You should match the freshness and cleanliness of the woman you want to attract. 

2. Always look your best.

Don’t leave your god damn house unless you look good. You never know what today brings. Job offers, women, running into your girlfriends parents? Throw out all your old grubby clothes and buy new ones. If you’re broke hit some thrift stores every couple weeks, you’d be surprised what you can find. Bottom line is you want to look like you care about how you look (which shows you care not only about your health, but of your style and that you have a general motivated attitude). Be unique and don’t just copy a certain trend. The EMT team believes the more unique you are the better. But don’t try too hard. Whatever you wear you want to look and feel comfortable, that is the most important thing.

3. Have good posture.

Good posture and a head held high says “I am a boss”. I am confidence, comfortable, motivated, passionate. However, you don’t want to make it look like your trying to say “I’m a boss” by overdoing it. Have a proper but natural good posture. Google it. Make it a habit to never look at the ground, and always ask yourself “hows my posture”. Make friendly eye contact with everyone you walk by (say hello in your mind when you look at them), this will help keep your head high and will instill a sense of openness and friendliness into your core. Again, you want to always look and feel comfortable.

4. Exercise and eat well.

Eating well makes a difference. Have you ever seen an old friend and she just looked way sexier? Well sure, maybe she lost some weight, but more likely she just started eating better – and that shows in your skin and in your eyes. You will have a healthy vibrant look if you eat balanced meals. Include lots of veggies and antioxidants in your diet for more energy and a better attitude. Drink lots of water (between meals) most people are chronically dehydrated. Chew your food twice as much as you do now. If you eat unhealthy you’ll look and feel tired and weak and that’s just plain unattractive, and insane! Exercising not only makes you physically more attractive, but it boosts your confidence and makes you feel happy with lots of endorphins flowing to your brain. It will also help incredibly with your posture. Find out what body type you are (ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph) and Google a good exercise and diet plan for yourself. Stick to it. 

5. Smile.

Ever walked past someone that smiled at you? Doesn’t that feel great? Be that person all the time. Make a subtle smile your natural look. This will change your life. It is a Buddhist practice to smile as it makes you feel happy and think positive thoughts. Most people have a frown on all day and that tells not only themselves but the world “I’m sad, lonely, bored, unhappy.” Smile and you’ll tell yourself and the world “I’m happy, I’m positive, motivated, and I got it going on”. Smile at everyone, make eye contact with everyone, say “hi” to everyone. Why not? A little trick is to mouth the word “hi” to every girl you make eye contact and smile at. You will be surprised how people just flock to you, all because of a smile! 

To recap: be clean, always look your best, have good posture, exercise and eat well, and smile. GOT IT? Good. Now go get em tiger. 

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Written by EMT Team
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