No luck with the ladies? This will change that. Here’s 10 ways to attract women and change your dating life forever.

Print out these tips and focus on developing them in the next month or so. If you really try, in a couple months you’ll be able to get any babe you want. 

10 Ways To Attract Women

1. Develop Your Self Confidence

The most important thing in attracting women is confidence and comfort. What kind of woman wants to be with a guy who takes shit from people and feels uneasy most of the time? Women don’t like weak and timid men. If you lack self confidence, its time to go outside and interact with the world!

Any moment Ms.right could come along – you need to be prepared! Even if you are strikingly handsome, if you’re not confidence you’ll strike out. In our opinion, self confidence comes with a balance of health (feeling good), social life (feeling loved), passion (skillful hobby), and a satisfying career (followed your dreams).

2. Don’t Look Like A Hobo

Take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really look your best. Are your teeth white and clean, is your hair well cut and styled, have you shaved or trimmed your beard? There is nothing more of a turn-off for women than a man who smells like shit, wears shabby clothing and appears like he doesn’t give a damn.

Keep your clothes clean and well pressed and use a good deodorant. If you use cologne don’t be a douche and over do it, just one spray will do. Women spend hours focused on how they look each day, doesn’t it make sense that they will be heavily focused on what you look like? Duh! Looking good is the first step to turning women on. 

3. Learn How to Dance Properly

Practice dancing properly and you will attract women, period. Girls love to get on the dance floor and boogie the night away. “F*ck guys tonight, I just want to dance!” is pretty damn true for girls nights out. If you can dance these “f*ck guys tonight” girls will more than happily dance with you.

The dance floor is a great place to attract women but make sure you know what you’re doing otherwise you’ll just ruin your chances by looking like an idiot. Google, Youtube, or dance class it up. Its worth it! Try putting some music on and dancing in front of the mirror. 

4. Develop a Great Sense of Humor

Almost every woman will admit that if a man can make them laugh then he puts himself in a very attractive position. If you don’t have a sense of humor, then develop one bro. Watch some old sitcoms, re-runs of stand up acts, watch Youtube videos, hang with funny people, Google “how to be funny!” But don’t just tell stupid, corny jokes to women. Seriously, f*ck knock knock jokes.

Try to tell a great story that happened to you that is humorous and true. The key is to exaggerate what happened. Make funny faces and act out the characters of the story. Talk in detail. Intricate (almost non related) detail is funny. “My hand looked like a massive hello kitty oven mitt!”

Make it a habit to put on a “humor lens” as we call it. Look at everything in life through a positive hilarious filter, and remember those stories to share with people later. “This guy on the bus today just did not fit in his seat, I’m telling you, he tried and he tried but it was just not working! I felt like I should do something but what was I supposed to do? Push him into the seat?!” Tell stories with energy and hilarity in your voice, use your facial expressions, act out the voices, recreate the funny moment for them!

5. Be a Good Listener

We are given two ears and one mouth, so we should listen at least twice as much as we talk. Remember that. Women love to vent about their emotions, problems, and feelings but you should never try and offer solutions, just listen. How the f*ck do you know what a woman should do? Shes a woman remember? Shes crazy! A general rule is only ever give advice if the person asks “what do you think I should do.” Even then you should always be on their side first, support and then recommend. 

No one wants to talk to someone who they feel ins’t listening, or corrects them, or just gives them their advice on everything, or relates everything to themselves. Just LISTEN! Parrot back to them. Example: HER: “I just love dancing….. …. especially ballet” YOU: “Oh you love dancing? especially Ballet?” HER: “Yeah I’ve been dancing forever …. ….”

6. Have a Lust for Life

Make sure you have passion for something you love. A hobby or interest such as traveling, gaming, painting, dancing, watching plays or movies, attending festivals, hiking, exercising, climbing or rowing, whatever floats your boat! Reach for the stars, do what you love and get good at it. Women love men who are skilled and passionate about something.

The more unique the better! Anything involving exercise is your best choice because you’ll be outside, get fit, and meet people while you do it. And were sure there’s something about physical activity hobbies that turns women on differently than collecting Toy Story figurines. 

7. Don’t Be a Bore, Be Epic

Women just love men who have an adventurous spirit and a lust for life. Indulge in adventurous activities, do unique things, go skydiving, have a crazy weird birthday party where you split people up into teams, go to the shooting range, do epic things!  Why does everyone do the same boring typical things anyways? Movie, lunch/dinner, hike, beach, shopping, bar/club. Be different, be epic! You will be exciting to be around.

Take her by the hand and show her the world. If you have little excitement and adventure in your life you will come across as a bore. Women are not attracted to boring men. That is a fact! This is the easiest way to instantly be more attractive to everyone in life.

8. Get Physically Fit

If you take care of your body and are physically fit, women will see you as a healthy person that looks after themselves and their body, and will be more attracted to you. What is attraction anyways? An instinctual desire to reproduce with someone – someone strong and healthy. Not only will you feel 150% better if you eat well and exercise, you’ll have more energy, jokes will come easier, youll laugh more, play harder, mate better. Its completely worth it! Take care of yourself guys. “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

9.  Fake It Till You Make It

Let us imagine you feel unattractive and you are particularly conscious today about that pimple on your cheek (f*ck pimples right?)– if you feel this way you will project that energy to the women in the room, bar or restaurant. They will look right through you. But, if you pretend (screw the word pretend, lets say believe) you are the most handsome guy in the whole club and hold your head up high, you will emit an aura of confidence.

Remember, women are attracted to confident men. So, to hell with what you look like today, everyone gets pimples, just be a boss, be epic, believe in yourself. If you pretend for long enough eventually you will just become it. What does that say about confidence? Its all in your head.

10. Don’t Take, Give. 

You should not be trying to get something from a woman. You should be showing them just what you have to offer. Women are attracted to a leader, a masculine man who knows what he wants and takes the initiative. A man should have confidence, comfort, and project success so that others feel the desire to be around him. 

Never act desperate or in need of something. You are an alpha male and if you show self respect and discipline for yourself, you will have women climbing all over you. Think and feel as though you are the hottest commodity on the market but don’t boast, at all. Let your friends and stories naturally express how epic you are.

Don’t act as though women are doing you a favor by giving you their time of day, you are the one that has something to offer, and you are the one that must feel that way deep inside.

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